Review Policy

Currently not accepting review requests.

Books are nothing but the sweetest adventure. Are you interested in having me read and review your book? If your book fits my criteria below, I would be more than willing to feature you.

Preferred Genres

I am a flexible and open reader, willing to read books categorized as Young Adult. Please do send me an inquiry or request if you would like me to read your Young Adult novel of any genre. Books that I frequently avoid include erotica, short story collections, graphic novels, and picture books.

Accepted Formats

  • Physical copies (hardcover and paperback)
  • Digital copies (mobi files and PDF copies)
  • Advance Reader's Copy or ARC's (physical or digital)

Include In Your Request

  • author information
  • overview of the book 
  • genre and age category 
  • publisher 
  • release date
  • purchase links 

About My Reviews

I value honesty in my blog, and so I publish truthful and unbiased reviews on my thoughts and feelings of your book. They are written by no one's perspective other than my own, and they are neither swayed nor influenced by personal bias on the author or the publisher. My reviews are also shared on retailer and social networking sites to provide further exposure for your book.

I cannot guarantee that your novel will acquire a glowing review. But should it come to the point in which I rate your book 2 stars or less, I will inform you. I will never publish a negative review of your book in my blog or in any retailer sites without your full knowledge on this matter.


I am a resident of the Philippines. Please consider this before shipping me your physical review copies or ARCs. If you are kind enough to send me such, your book shall be prioritized. I will send you my shipping address once you confirm to me that you are able to cover shipping costs to Manila. Sometimes it takes weeks or months for your book to arrive, but I will be sure to send word once it is received.

I am also a reviewer at NetGalley and Edelweiss. You are very much welcome to send me an invite using the same e-mail I use only after I approve your book. Please do not invite me without my approval of your request.


I love participating in blog tours of books that abide my policy. E-mail me an invite and I will let you know if I may take part and review your book. Thank you, in advance, for considering me.

I do not publish author interviews, promotional posts, book blitzes, or cover reveals. If anything, I deeply apologize for declining such requests; however, this site retains strict original content and write-ups.

E-mail Me

I look forward to working with you.