Beta Reading Services

Writer, you excite me with the idea of working with a wonderful human bean such as you. Let me tell you how I work behind leaves of pages, of ink blots, of wonder. 

I am a beta reader

I have worked with other wonderful human beans who also wander around in this earth, and it is their talent in writing soft symphonies onto paper do I critique their manuscripts through a readers' perspective. Analyzing its story elements, usage of literary devices, and the like. I will never consider your grammar and punctuation, as I will not work in that aspect for now.

let me be there for you

It is simple -- I love authors. It is because I want to be one myself, and I constantly thrive with inspiration and hopes amidst the mysteries of the future. With this dream, I want to help you because you inspire me. I will do everything I can to provide you objective feedback, suggestions, and constructive criticism. Only you will be given such ideas, and no one else. This, of course, is a professional engagement between you and I.

Onto the much personal side of myself: I am a senior high student, graduating in 2018. Today I am pursuing Humanities and Social Sciences as my preliminary college track in preparation for law. But setting that aside, one of my specialized subjects involves Research and Creative Writing.

Yes, I adore words more than anything. Books, poetry, literature. And talented human beans who share to the world the beauty of writing.

I will critique your manuscript in depth, and I will do so as a friend. It may be a long process, as there are particular documents that I must use to analyze your manuscript. But I assure you, I will do my best, and I will use what I know from my specialized subjects that I take in critiquing your book. Allow me to help you. Through e-mail, we can discuss about your manuscript (either completed or not), and I will provide you insights and everything you need to improve your work.

I am a flexible reader

I accept Young Adult and Middle Grade novels of any genre because I like to open myself up to other literary aspects and ideas. Also, I am fond of poetry. If you have written a poetry collection, I would be more than willing to read it and provide feedback for you.

I do not accept Adult and New Adult novels, as well as books that fall under the following genres: non-fiction (e.g. biographies and memoirs), religion & spirituality, erotica, graphic novels, and picture books. I deeply apologize, but I feel that it would be best to decline these, since I have not read them enough to provide proper, objective feedback to you.

I will never...

i. Edit or proofread your book. While I am also very critical in terms of grammar and punctuation, it is not in my position to edit/proofread your work. You will need an editor for this.

ii. Publicize or share feedback online. I will keep all feedback, comments, and suggestions between you and me only, therefore any feedback I write will only be shown to you alone.

iii. Re-write your book. I will never attempt to change the words you write and take away your voice as an author.

of small information for your convenience

  • I will accept digital manuscripts in mobi files, PDF files, and MS Word documents only.
  • I typically finish my work 2 - 14 days with heavy dependence on my time and a personal deadline that I like to stick with, but if you have a set deadline required, there is a rush fee of $20.
  • I will consider specific areas or story elements that you might want me to take under deep scrutiny. Do inform me if so.
  • All payments will be made through PayPal only.

as your beta reader, i will...

  • Critically analyze story elements, literary devices, and any plot inconsistencies.
  • Help you with the development and transition of your story.
  • Provide possible suggestions for improvement, which you are not obliged to follow.
  • Annotate your manuscript and provide honest and objective feedback.
  • Write a Beta Report, which is a written document on my overall thoughts of your book.
  • Send you 2 or 3 documents on the story development and scene elements.
  • Critique your manuscript as a whole.
  • Discuss with you and provide help with regard to your manuscript.
  • Send you my thoughts per chapter — only upon request.


You will be charged $2 (USD) per 1000 words, with a round-off applied to the pricing should there be any excess in the official word count.

If you are an author that I have previously worked with before, I am beyond thrilled to provide you with a 20% discount of all books that you wish me to critique for you. Discounts may also apply to authors who wish for me to beta-read more than one book. Thank you for seeking my services once more. It touches me deeply, truly.

hire jillian

Get in touch with me:
Subject: Beta Reading Inquiry
Include: synopsis, official word count, book details, etc.

still in doubt?

Contact me. I may send you a sample of my work to show you how I get things done.

I also have experience working with other authors. You may check what authors are saying about my services.