About Jillian

I am passion, warmth, compassion, care.

A weaver of words and threads of humanity, meticulously done in which art is nurtured by the gentlest of touch. A fervent soon-to-be lawyer, a server of the nation. I have a fondness for stories; they lead me the way.

I am a 16-year-old girl, attending high school in the heart of Manila's business district, south from what I love to call as home. Currently in the 11th grade where my love for literature and law are deeply cultivated behind masses of thick books and tenderness, I specialize in the Humanities and Social Sciences as my academic track in pursuit of law, soon to graduate in 2018.

I love to dance on starlight and nestle myself in the dull glow of the moon's softest shine, where I earnestly spin stories and craft poetry, hoping to create a masterpiece that touches even the coldest of hearts, the most frigid of minds. Since 2015, I have been a correspondent of my high school's newspaper entitled Facets. I am in love with the idea of inspiration and change through means of nothing more but the use of words and literature.

My words are my weapons.

And my blog is another home. Another love. I welcome you with deep sun-soft warmth.

This is a home for personal photography, tendrils of thoughts. It is a potpourri of musical tunes, of words brimmed with softness and care. You will see frequent book reviews, personal writing, poetry, and discussions — a mixture of its parts, encapsulated in nothing else but a little space that now bleeds blue.

Jillian's Books was first established on the 3rd of April, 2014, as a sole book blog with the intent to provide reviews and love. In 2017, it celebrates the pureness of thoughts and writing; it displays to the world one's deeper love for word-crafting, story-spinning, in all forms present and whole, as a logophile with a dream for literature and law. Its sole focus has now shifted to a wider range that encompasses all parts contained in a world shattered by hatred and love, dark and light. Hard and soft.

My reader, allow me to be your friend.

My name is Jillian. 

I dream of infinity and of countless stars at night that these, more than ever, may show me the realness of beauty and life. I dream of endlessness and passion and geniality and fondness, which, perhaps, are much better than ephemeral ambitions that last short before darkness.