Feb 21, 2017

ARC: The Hate U Give


the hate u give / angie thomas

"we want an immediate end to police brutality and the murder of black people, other people of color, and oppressed people."

These are the words, intricately written down, that cries for quick action. It echoes in me, resonates through my tendrils of thought, and I think: Why are things like this happening? Why isn't there any justice? Look around you — this is a reality. Racism is a reality.

Feb 5, 2017

This is for the Words We Say, The Words We Share


Last night, at the peak of the latest hour, my father told me, "I am very proud of you. You are doing a great job." To hear something of that sort in relation to literature, I can truly say that it made me incredibly happy and excited. I am proud of myself too.

Jan 22, 2017

The Warmth of You: A Handwritten Poetry Collection


There is this infinite pleasure when I pour onto paper a mass of loud yet soft words, those of which have the incentive to touch a heart. To hurt it, to love it, to hold it. And I am truly happy to say that lately, little butterflies have been floating around to give paper its life. Butterflies with words, that is, and they have produced a beautiful outcome.

Jan 14, 2017

Salt to the Sea


salt to the sea / ruta sepetys

"War is catastrophe. It breaks families in irretrievable pieces. But those who are gone are not necessarily lost."

And it has been yet another beautiful book that had completely reduced me to tears and heartaches. My poor heart grieves terribly at such tragedy of what is known as the deadliest war — oh, the darkest of times. The bloodiest of days. I am not surprised that I tear up almost all the time at the sight of every horror.