Jan 22, 2017

The Warmth of You: A Handwritten Poetry Collection

There is this infinite pleasure when I pour onto paper a mass of loud yet soft words, those of which have the incentive to touch a heart. To hurt it, to love it, to hold it. And I am truly happy to say that lately, little butterflies have been floating around to give paper its life. Butterflies with words, that is, and they have produced a beautiful outcome.

Imagination and sentiments are in collision to show to you all The Warmth of You. It is a new little thing of mine — an entirely handwritten poetry collection meant to give the lightest warmth, the most ethereal touch. I am very much proud of it.

I was sparked by creativity and inspiration upon browsing endless online literary journals from which lovely poems had been published for the world to see. I was ultimately inspired. And if I were to describe the feeling, it would be encapsulated through a form of a little buzz, like a small bumblebee at the center of my heart. It was alive and well and it was continuously buzzing. I knew, from reading such great works, that now would be a great time to do what I knew I could do well — to write.

The Warmth of You is an ongoing little work of mine, a handwritten poetry collection centered on the idea of love. May it be platonic or romantic or anything of that sort, it is the beating of human hearts that fills its pages with life and simplicity. It is warm and light and fuzzy, far back and beyond. It holds snippets of fantasy and reality and, above all things, humanity.

For now, I hold it dearly as mine, but one day, I would like to make it yours. It is still incomplete and is in need of ink blots and love, but one day, when it is covered up with shattered hearts and whole hearts and loving hearts, it would be up for you to read. I am excited to share with you what I have to offer!

I believe in poetry, in words, in the beauty of literature, for they provide light and display the realness of life in all forms present. Writing poetry has really changed me in a sense that I began to appreciate more than just prose and narratives. Through this, I learned to express myself, my sentiments, my thoughts, my feelings, my everything. Poems have great value to me; I hope it does the same to you.

Do preserve the written word; it is a fragile little thing that could seep into hearts to either tear or cure the pieces of you that stay alive. If you love to write, please do and don't stop. Your words have more power than you think.

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