Jan 5, 2017

Of Freshness and New Beginnings

Dearest reader, my mind was of hesitance with thoughts of pure uncertainty. A decision I've mulled over in what might have been around a thousand times, a hundred more after. But my fingers remain firm now, and things needed to be done. I see a future in writing — of all forms where it stays alive, complete and full and whole. A dream that outshines spoken words that tug me deep.

I need to write.

And so, reader, this is the start, of freshness and new beginnings. Of wonder, fascination, tenderness, and astonishment. I begin today.

I was driven by passion when a good author and friend of mine spoke to me that this dream of mine must not end by discouragement that tell me so. In the past, I have had people speak of literary distaste, which disheartens me, I must say. But I will not stop. This dream does not end here.

In my future career, I shall bring it with me. In the hopes of becoming a lawyer, this talent will prove to other people not only of the case at hand, but of the sweetness of words and its harrowing beauty. I shall write and write and write. Formal, creative, things in between. Allow me now to show you a glimpse of how my mind crafts stories of the purity of the human soul, for they are real and deeply true.

Jillian's Books has been extensively decluttered to pave better room and focus for the words that I write. It has underwent a major re-design that creates an Internet space for it to now bleed blue.

This year, it celebrates pure originality, 100% at most. Personal photography — of books and of living beauty — are taken by myself and members of my family. Credit is given when borrowed pictures are needed. You will rarely find others' photos but my own.

I will share personal writing, creativity, and perhaps poetry. You will see sides of me that thrive under love for words and literature. I will express myself in different ways, and I may share to you my latest work of writing.

A constant  Jillian's Books is a book blog. It still is and always will be, for I love books quite too deeply to let go of that idea. You will see frequent book reviews and discussion posts, still. They may look different now. Accustom yourselves to the changes of this blog.

I do not want it to dwindle into nothingness.

As much as possible, I want to further share a piece of myself to the thousand pieces of this shattered yet beautiful world that we live in. I want this piece alive. I hope that such changes may be embraced by the congenial arms of wandering readers who seek the Web for interest and creativity.