Jan 9, 2017

2016: Four Favorite Reads

A week into this brand new year, and I must say that these 365 days are those bathed in ethereal light and the scent of crippling roses, aculeate surface and all, which, I know, are blessings of verve and beauty. The beauty that arises over the new days to come. New opportunities. New memories. New people to sip a warm cup of coffee with as the world around you persists through agony and pain, softness and light.

And, of course, new books to read. A ton of them, I am sure.

2016 was not really a good reading year for me, but I have been blessed to read beautiful books that have touched my heart quite too deeply. These books tainted my heart with joy and inspiration, and I am infinitely grateful, for these are my grace.

Tuesdays With Morrie allowed me to view the world in different shades — of black, blue, gray, and gold. The pain of each day and the harrowing tragedy of death's cold fingers, looping through the throat of a man named Morrie, who decided that such frigidity could never steal away any spectrum of happiness.

Since that book, I have decided that I will be a Morrie. To everyone around me, I will, and try as I might, be happy and hopeful and infinitely thankful.

All the Light We Cannot See: a book of death, of wonder. It is a story of a blind girl and a German boy thriving in the destruction brought about by World War II. I wept terribly and loved its characters more than I could ever love. A book that compelled in me the feeling of true empathy. Real and genuine.

Out of passion and interest, my interminable love for fantasy and contemporary made me love The Young Elites and The Unexpected Everything. Such lovely books filled with magic and reality. 

I am continuously in awe.

Today, I hunger, and my books are my meal. I devour great literature, and today it is Salt to the Sea, another World War II book written by an amazing author that I love by heart: Ruta Sepetys. Beautiful writing.

I could only hope that you read it too.