Aug 28, 2016

A Future in Law


While my days were filled with academics, graded homework, and papers to write -- unfortunately cutting down my time for my blog -- I recently discovered something new that I now wish to pursue in the future. It was an idea that I've been neglecting these past few years, though my parents kept insisting on it, since they knew my interests were suitable for this profession. I hated it at first, but now I feel that I am quite sure of it now -- soon, someday, any other day... I want to be a lawyer.

Aug 14, 2016

The Unexpected Everything


the unexpected everything / morgan matson

there is so much softness in the idea of families and love.

I am more than pleased that I got the opportunity to read Morgan Matson's latest book, The Unexpected Everything. I've read and loved all of Matson's novel, so it was utterly satisfying to have this with me. Albeit it's not my most favorite, I, at least, did enjoy almost everything in this book. This story was just so adorable.

Aug 7, 2016

Growing Up With The Blog


When I joined the book blogging community and created Jillian's Books, I was 13 years old. Fresh out of 8th grade, I hopped in on the journey and ventured through pages and books, hoping to indulge myself in more enjoyable reads and meet more book bloggers to converse and interact with. I wanted a platform where I could talk about books without feeling ashamed about it. That was more than two years ago.