Jun 12, 2016

My Happiness Journal

Recently, I've carried out this great idea for myself -- a handwritten journal, purely of memories, smiles, and happy thoughts. Something worth reading through to reminisce the good times, surely one of those that will never be forgotten. The Happiness Journal is an idea that really sparked a lot of inspiration and happiness, and to say that it did a huge impact on me is truly an understatement.

You might be wondering: What is a Happiness Journal? It's self-explanatory, really. It's a handwritten journal in which I write all things worth remembering, smiling, embracing. Anything that has made you happy is worth writing in this journal. The only rule is that all negativity is out. You're definitely not allowed to write anything that has burdened you as of late!

A lot of people came up with this idea first, with the launch of the Happiness Planner and the Happiness Project. But I normally don't buy things online so I decided to write for my own. This journal has helped me in so many ways!

Stockholm, Sweden
May 25, 2016

"The world is a book, and those who
do not travel read only one page."

Yes, lovely bookworms. I started this journal last May 25, 2016 while I was in Stockholm, Sweden! I was in Arlanda Airport, waiting for my flight to Copenhagen, when I found a bookstore (Pocket Shop) that sold lots of good books and notebooks. Sadly, majority of the books weren't in English so I decided to get this instead. Well, I'm honestly glad I did.

"This is Happiness Oozing Out Of Each Page!"

I've told you before that I was suffering from post-vacation blues due to my really long (and really fun) trip to Scandinavia. Well, the first few days of being at home was seriously TERRIBLE. I've missed everything and everyone, including the new people I've met. I frequently watched the videos I took and felt all the more sad. Life was back to ordinary, but I was still yearning for more adventure.

Although I was still upset at that time, I took my journal, my trip itinerary, and wrote down everything about the trip that made me smile. Surprisingly, it didn't make me feel any more sad, but it honestly made me a lot better. Focusing on the good parts of the trip in lieu of the fact that I was finally at home made me really happy. I felt good and nostalgic writing down everything about my trip because each of its days were truly worth remembering!

I've also took in some time and effort to put a little bit of decorations in my journal, mixing in colored pens and mediocre illustrations into the paper before they slip away into memory. These are the kinds of things I don't ever want to forget, which was what compelled me to write them down in the first place. I wrote down each day, each memory. Each smile :-)

I knew that if I was ever sad again, I can just open up this notebook and read all the things that has made me smile in the past. This thought was actually one of the inspirations that drove me to create this journal! I could open this up, feel nostalgic, remember all the good memories without ever coming along the bad ones. I wouldn't have to worry about remembering the bad stuff that occurred to me; truly, they are never worth reminiscing.

I love writing down in this journal! It has helped me focus more on the good ones instead of the bad, and it really helped me massively. I've said this before, if you've been following along my previous posts in the past, but I had struggled with depression and anxiety. Up until now, I still have anxiety, which makes me overthink and go through every situation in my life and process them as a problem, when, in fact, they're not. 

Though I live with anxiety, it has never stopped me from looking at the good ones. This journal was one of those things that has helped me put in my head all the good stuff, and I really suggest that you do this too! It's a lovely thing to do -- something that you'll love to go read through after a while. I assure you :-)