Mar 8, 2016

Alicia Craft and Bookish Jewelry

I know you love jewelry, particularly necklaces! What more if these necklaces came in the form of books? A book and a necklace all in one -- something every bookworm out there would ever dream to have. And an amazing craftsman has given me this amazing opportunity to share with me her work, which really did satisfy my need for a cute miniature book necklace!

Presenting to you the Pride and Prejudice book necklace made by Alicia! This necklace, with its miniature copy of Jane Austen's most beloved novel hanging from its chain, is fit for every bookworm wanting a representation of his/her personality. It'd be an understatement to say that this piece of jewelry reflects so much about me as a bookworm, or any other bookworm out there as well! With this in hand, I thought it'd be a great time to let you know about my thoughts on this book from Alicia Craft.


This little book necklace arrived at my local post office in a cute, silver little box that encased the book necklace in a small, fluffy cushion. I definitely was not expecting it to come in a cute box because I actually anticipated those velvet drawstring bags I normally see in Etsy; however, the fact that it came in with this sort of packaging definitely made me happy as well! It was neat and appropriate for this type of handmade jewelry, and the ribbon that tightly shut the box was a plus-one to the presentation.

It also fits quite right in my hand, and I find it to be better than the typical velvet drawstring bags because it gives an element of surprise when you untie that ribbon to find a cute miniature copy of Pride and Prejudice -- one of my most favorite classics ever!


The actual miniature book looks exactly as it had looked like in Alicia's website, which also satisfied me in a way that I had nothing to feel disappointed over. The size of the book was just right, and although the length of the chain may vary upon order or request, I was really happy with how Alicia professionally got the length right!

The only problem I was worried about, though, was the fact that the pages inside and the book itself may be susceptible to certain things, typically rain or water, as it may be damaged easily by liquid. Soaking this gorgeous necklace should definitely be out of question! 

But other than that, I love how it looks! The printing of the book cover was okay, and I love how you can open its pages and stuff. It actually feels like having an actual book dangling on your neck!

This is how the pages of the book look like! Alicia allows custom changes on how you want your book to look like! I got my miniature book to be able to open its pages, but I decided against the idea of taking a picture of it wide open because I didn't want to... you know ... bend the spine or fold its pages, or basically anything I would hate myself for doing unto an ACTUAL BOOK that I might end up doing on this little book.

Wearing It...

SO YES. I actually did wear Alicia's book necklace -- (I am also wearing it right now while I'm typing this, haha) -- and I love the feel of it on my neck! The best thing about this book? It proudly reflects my bookworm personality to everyone. I love showing off this necklace to my family members at home, and I have yet to wear it at school, though. But I am definitely not hesitating to try that out!

I love how people look at this necklace at first glance and think immediately, "Oh, you read books, don't you?" Heck yes, I am proud that I read books. That shouldn't be a problem, right? I love flaunting this necklace everywhere and having people get the idea that I read books and that I am proud that I do!

What else do I really like about this? Well, I also like how the length of the chain falls just right on my chest; it isn't too short or too long. In fact, it is just the perfect size! The chain of the necklace also feels good around my neck. Normally, there are some necklaces with chains that irritate my skin, but somehow this just feels right!

In a nutshell...

In short, I really love the outcome of how this Pride and Prejudice book necklace came out to be, and I would like to thank Alicia Notarainni for sending in this gorgeous necklace! This necklace is entirely made by hand by Alicia herself, and I am more than satisfied by it!

Alicia would like to give everyone a 25% off their purchase from her online store, Alicia Craft. Just type in this coupon code (jilliansbooks) when you order, and 25% will be off from any of your purchase. Huge thanks to Alicia for this opportunity!

About Alicia Craft

Hi! I’m Alicia. I’m super crafty and have tried almost everything (from jewelry making to woodworking to knitting to sculpting to sewing). I began Alicia Craft in the year 2015 with the idea that I wouldn’t be limited to any one particular craft so I could sell whatever I felt like at the time. Currently, this shop’s focus is papercraft.

When I’m not crafting, I’m reading. I’m very bookish and have a book review blog, Awesome Book Assessment. I also do freelance editing (fiction manuscripts).

I love cats (especially my cat Charlie) and apple pie and the color green. I currently live in Texas but have lived in many states (all in the south). I am also a big traveler and have been to 17 countries so far, but don’t ask me to name them all. (: