Mar 29, 2016

Beauty Is Here: Singapore

A complete week without my presence last week actually happened, and it was because I actually went to Singapore for 4 days and 3 nights, which, I must say, was one of the most fun 4 days and 3 nights I've ever had in a while -- considering that I haven't left the country yet since Japan last November 2014.

To share with you guys, Singapore was very near to the Philippines, and so it took only 3 hours to fly there. It was hotter than my country and the air was very dry and humid, but I'm surprised I was able to withstand the heat, even if I couldn't withstand the heat in my own homeland. Albeit dry and warm, it was such a beautiful place!

universal studios singapore

This was my 3rd Universal Studios that I've been to. The first two that I've visited was the one in California and Florida, so this was literally the first Studios that I've visited in Asia. It was incredibly HOT in here as well with a heat that held the capacity to cause extreme heat exhaustion, I kid you not. Luckily, the restaurants were well air-conditioned and so were the waiting rooms. It was always a relief to be in a place with good air-conditioning!

Compared to the Studios in both California and Florida, the rides here were very similar but held very minor changes. Also, the rides in the US were more intense -- specifically the Revenge of the Mummy ride and the Jurassic Park -- but the roller coaster here was MORE INTENSE.

This is the area in Singapore that had that mummy ride that was very scarring and traumatizing, as I do not like fast and dropping roller coasters at all. And dead people as well. But I'm impressed by the Egyptian-styled infrastructures. 

singapore zoo

My family and I actually visited the Singapore Zoo to go for a river boat safari and to see the animals there. It'd be an understatement to say that I was fascinated by the animals there. They held actual polar bears, pandas, and even a large anaconda to which my brother and I sang Nicki Minaj's song the entire time. 

The zoo also featured so much about the Amazon River, often providing interesting facts about this natural water form. This place, to me, seemed hotter than Studios, but what made me get through the heat was the fact that there were animals there that should be worth seeing before collapsing into exhaustion. Haha.

There were a variety of animals! The ones in the picture above are pink flamingos. (Or scarlet ibises, since the two closely resemble to one another in lieu of their legs).

shopping and marina bay

So I actually had a ton of fun shopping at their malls there because they had a lot of great clothes on sale. Plus, they have a place called Bugis Street which sells really good clothes at a more affordable, reasonable, and cheaper price. It made me so happy!

Strolling around the city with my family was also really fun! They sold ice cream sandwiches in the street, hence the photo above. The bread tasted kind of weird to me, but the ice cream did help a lot!

They also have really interesting food that I normally don't taste but was forced to by my evil brother. Singapore sells this bowl of spicy noodle soup called laksa, which is almost similar to tom yum, a Thai dish that my family is very fond of eating.

I normally don't taste spicy food and so I had a hard time trying to enjoy the bowl, to be honest. But thanks to my (evil) brother, he got me to at least taste 1/4 of the bowl. To me, it had an interesting taste. Not exactly my favorite, as I'm not fond of spicy dishes, but a new food that had come to my radar.

Overall, Singapore was one of those loveliest countries that I've been to! It's been a while since I've explored another part of Asia, and I'm really glad that I got the opportunity to be here. One of the factors that made me enjoy the trip so much was the fact that I saw new places and faces. Everything here was simply lovely!

So that's basically a recap of my entire week last week! This place was filled with free Wi-Fi everywhere, but I was too tired to go online most of the time because I did a lot of walking involved. This is definitely a trip worth remembering, and I look forward to the next time I'll be leaving the country again, which will be this incoming May!