Dec 4, 2015

BPC: A Shoutout to All These Bloggers

This is it. It's the final post day of the Blogger Positivity Campaign (excluding the recap next week, of course), and I feel privileged to be writing this post to all those bloggers who have helped a lot. Those who have stuck by me, talked to me, and made my experience here in this book blogging community worthwhile. 

Alicia @ Awesome Book Assessment

I will always be grateful to Ali from Awesome Book Assessment. Back when I started blogging last April 2014, she kindly helped me make a drop-down menu in my blog, which really helped a lot! She was also very friendly, approachable, and kind when we were pen pals last year.

So thank you, Ali, for simply listening to me through e-mail and for being one of the best blogging buddies I've ever met. I'm more than grateful I have you as a friend. Stay talented, and good luck with college!

Mishma @ Chasing Faerytales

I won't also forget to mention the best co-blogger a blogger could ever ask for. (Hi, Mishma!) I've always been a fan of Mishma's blog, Chasing Faerytales, and I was more than happy to hear that she was welcoming of me to join her at her lovely blog. I am grateful for the interaction and fun I've had with her as a co-blogger. Sometimes I feel bad for being too busy to fill in at her blog, but I'm really thankful that she's not too hard on it and all.

You're the best, Mishma! I enjoy talking to you over at Twitter, and here's to more blogging memories with you!

Erin @ The Book Archive

Massive thanks to Erin, who blogs over at The Book Archive. It's cool how we're both at the same age at the moment, and I'm glad we met recently in the blogosphere. Erin is a really kind person to whom I really enjoy talking to over at Twitter. We also frequently talk through each other's blogs as well! I enjoy reading her posts, and her blog is overall lovely!

(Also, I want to thank you once again for that thing about And Then There Were None. You helped me tons and saved me a lot of stress and disappointment in the end! Haha.)

Claire @ Cover to Cover

I also want to thank Claire from Cover to Cover. She is one of my oldest blogging buddies from last year, and I've always loved reading her blog and her insightful reviews. She also writes posts in such an extraordinary manner -- I'm half convinced she can be a great writer, too. I'm especially thankful for her for always being friendly and approachable over at the blog and Twitter. Grateful to have her as a friend.

Zoe @ Stories on Stage

Zoe from Stories on Stage is one of the closest friends I've ever had! Her blog will always be my favorite, and the comments she posts at my blog always bring a smile to my face. I'm more than grateful to have such a friendly blogging buddy like her, who posts one of the best reviews I enjoy reading the most. Thanks, Zoe, for everything!

Shay @ The Story Goes...

A shoutout to Shay, who blogs over at The Story Goes. I won't forget stumbling across Shay's blog when I first started out last year. I think her blog was bright green that time when I first visited, and I remember her previous blog designs, which I consider to be one of the most unique ones I've ever come across. 

Also, Shay is my NaNoWriMo cabinmate last April and July, until I drastically failed twice. She's an amazing writer, and I still don't know how she's able to keep up with all those stuff (?!)

Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

Lastly, I won't forget to mention Rachel from A Perfection Called Books. I first met Rachel when I also first started book blogging last April 2014. She happened to have also started blogging the same time I did, and we quickly became blogging friends. I am very thankful that I've met her because she is such a friendly person to talk to, and I enjoy reading her posts and her lovely blog in general.

I also love the cool events that she hosts at her blog, such as Meet the Newbs, etc. She has a great love for debut authors, which I appreciate about her!


Of course, I'm also grateful for a lot of other bloggers, even if I might not have mentioned you all. Don't feel bad though! Maybe you might have been mentioned in some other BPC posts that other bloggers posted as well. You may check them here! And enjoy :)