Nov 11, 2015

The Blogger Positivity Campaign

I am so happy and excited to be hosting my first project over at the blog this year, and you have no idea how anxious and jumpy I am about it! The Blogger Positivity Campaign has been something I've been thinking about since June 2015, but with school kicking in around that time, I never really got to launch the idea officially.

Today I am more than excited to be bringing this to you all, and crossing my fingers that this works well and that bloggers see the outcome of this project.

What is the Blogger Positivity Campaign?

It's very self-explanatory, but let me explain: This project is a positivity campaign that aims to spread confidence and positivity among bloggers in this community. If you have noticed recently, there have been tons of drama arising over the previous months, and a handful of bloggers are gradually dropping out of the community.

I was inspired over these occurrences and decided to now launch this campaign to help spread the love and positivity! I want to uplift bloggers everywhere and share a little bit of love.

How does it work?

The campaign will be ongoing for four (4) weeks, and there will be a new post every Friday (November 20 and 27; December 4 and 11) written by participants about a certain topic that I will be giving each of you! Your posts would be purely positive -- all with the same concept of spreading positivity throughout the community -- and there *might* be a link-up at my blog where I could compile all your posts!

Furthermore, while the campaign is ongoing, each of you would be assigned to one blogger to whom you would write a short note or letter to. Don't worry, every blogger will receive a letter from a secret someone, and that letter would be meaningful!

I will e-mail all participants hopefully by November  15, (Sunday), with the post schedule, their assigned blogger, and more details about this little project!

What should I look forward to?

Here's a few dates that you should look forward to and remember:
  • Nov. 15: E-mailing of participants
  • Nov. 18: Kick-off and introduction!
  • Nov. 20: First post
  • Nov. 27: Second post
  • Dec. 4: Third post
  • Dec. 11: Recap and sending of blogger letters

Any few reminders?

  • Post topics will be e-mailed to you on the 15th just after signing up! You will not think up of your own topic. The concept is almost like Top Ten Tuesday, where's there's a specific topic that will be given to all participants. But of course, content for every blogger will vary.
  • You may use the logo or photo for your posts! Or you may also create your own, but please leave my blog name on it.
  • If you are not participating, spreading word about this project and sharing about it on Twitter would be greatly appreciated! I would love to have more bloggers on board for this!
  • Lastly, SPREAD POSITIVITY. That's the main goal for this project! :)

I want to join!

You may do so by filling up the form below! Bloggers who do not sign up before Nov. 15 (Sunday) will sadly not be included because it'd be hard for me to pair you up since you signed up late. 

If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to contact me or write me a comment! Thank you bookworms, and I'm so excited to get started with this! I've been looking forward to launching this, haha.