Nov 26, 2015

Thank You, Everyone!

I remember doing a Thanksgiving post last year because I was inspired by so many positive posts that I've been seeing around the community. This year, I decided to do it again when I saw all those lovely Top Ten Tuesday posts from my favorite blogs. No, we still don't celebrate Thanksgiving in the Philippines, but I just want to take advantage of this day so that I may have the time to thank everyone and everything.

Thank you, Mom and Dad!

I am more than grateful that you introduced to me books just when I was 5 or 6 years old because if you hadn't, this blog wouldn't have existed. Thank you for letting me read books even if it takes up too much space (and money), and for supporting my book blog more than anyone I know.

I love you both! (And yes, I am aware that you stalk my blog, but that's okay.)

Thank you, books!

Thank you for being such a great literary friend that any reader could ever ask for! Thank you for being present through both happy and tough times because, in a way, you made me realize that there is so much more in life and realities. Through you, you made me live a thousand lives!

Thank you, God!

Because I am not ashamed to consider myself a Roman Catholic. Thank You for everything that you have done for my family and I; without You, I probably wouldn't be alive today. All for You.

Thank you, home!

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I grew up experiencing typhoons or hurricanes every year because the Philippines is prone to typhoons, but everyone here has taught me that no matter how strong every storm is, there is always a bright side in everything. Every storm is just a form of strength. I like how everyone's not succumbing, so thank you for providing hope.

Thank you, authors!

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I love helping authors, chatting with them via Twitter or email, and working with them! I want to thank every author out there that I've admired and have previously worked with. Also, huge thanks to those authors who have reached out to me apart from email -- such as Lauren Gibaldi (author of The Night We Said Yes) and Maria Nieto!

Without you all, books wouldn't have existed! Thank you for writing books, for inspiring, and for educating. Readers worldwide are more than grateful.

Thank you, book bloggers!

I don't have much time to hunt down each and every one of your blogs because you guys are massive and all, but some things that you should really know:
  • I love talking with you all in Twitter! I feel like I belong when I share my passion over books and writing with you all, and the fact that you all are willing to listen is amazing.
  • I love visiting your book blogs in return. They make me happy.
  • I love how united we all are, despite how different we all are in race and ethnicity. I wish I can meet you all and chat with you guys soon.
So thank you! I also won't forget those book bloggers who have stopped blogging or talking to me. I honestly miss talking to those who've disappeared, but life happens and that's okay too.

Thank you, Spotify!

Thank you for functioning well while I'm studying because I would've died if you didn't.

Thank you, pets!

I have two more pets, though, but thank you for always being the first one to greet my at the door when I get home from school. Thank you for actually sleeping beside me like a teddy bear, and for simply existing. WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT YOU?!

Thank you, publishers!

I am more than grateful that you continuously print more and more books for everyone to enjoy! Thank you for supporting the written word, and for reaching out to us book bloggers for help in promoting titles! It's a privilege.

Lastly, thank you, book blogging community!

Words can't describe how glad I am to have come across this community. Thank you for accepting me, for following my blog, for liking it, and for supporting me (and everyone else) through every step in the way. Proud to be called a booknerd, like you guys who are unashamed to be one as well!

Seriously. Thank you.