May 5, 2015

These Summer Days Captured in Photos

If you haven't known, I spent my long weekend at the beach, and it was largely fun. Since Friday was Labor Day, my family decided to get off from work for a while and fly south to stay over at a beautiful resort for a few days. I have never gone there myself, but I was pleased to see that the lovely place truly exceeded my expectations

Traveling there was exhausting because I had to wake up as early as 3 am in the morning for the flight, then road trip and boat trip all in less than 12 hours. Having traveled through means of vehicular transportation via land, air, and water definitely drained away all my energy.

We basically spent the entire weekend at this beach resort called El Nido, which -- if translated -- means "the nest" in Spanish. And this place is so pretty. Our rooms were literally made like little huts (built Philippine style) and the sea is so clear you could see the bottom! 

There were different activities here like island-hopping, scuba diving, cruising, kayaking, cliff-diving, rappelling, and the like. These were the main
Staying in the island meant living with wild animals too. Literally. While I was heading out for lunch, there was this lizard thing the size of half my leg crawling in the side, and it looked as if it had the ability to crawl completely cockroach-like. It gave me chills.

My family and I tried paddle boarding, too, but I never went far because there were sea urchins near the area, and if you haven't known, I developed a new irrational fear of sea urchins because you can lose your foot by those things. Anyway, it was so fun since it was my first time trying it!

We also went island-hopping and snorkeling at the sea. There was this place called Lopez Reef, which is my namesake place. And we also went to Isla Blanca ("white island," if I'm not mistaken) where I found Nemo and Dory living inside an anemone. 

Majority of the islands here are given Spanish name due to the heavy Spanish influence here. Hence, even the Philippines was named after King Philip II of Spain. It amazed me, especially because I have Spanish roots, to see that this particular influence is still evident up to date.

There is a white crucifix  on top of the cliff, and believe it or not, that cliff is where you rappel all the way down from that white cross to the wooden boardwalk. People are also given opportunities and time to cliff-jump there to the sea. It was terrifying, even by just looking at it from the ground.

To conclude, I had a great time! Right now, I'm back at the metropolis. My dog, Ginger, and I reunited, I'm back to reading and enjoying my own time, but in deep honesty, I largely miss the beach. It was paradise.