Apr 6, 2015

Dreams of Gods and Monsters

dreams of gods & monsters / laini taylor

"people with secrets shouldn't make enemies."

I've finally finished a trilogy despite my huge phobia of finishing series books, and I'd like to have a say that I'm very pleased with how I have ventured forth with Karou & Akiva's adventures in this final installment of the Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy.

I am a year late to finishing this, am I? Because yes. Yes I am.

Now to state this in a third-person perspective -- Jillian thinks that this book didn't quite surpass the excitement held in the first book (*cough* Daughter of Smoke & Bone), but the ending was satisfying. Very cute, even, though a little quite complex.

I promise you: This review will be completely spoiler-free -- of this book and the sequel before this. I won't incite panic.
Basically, this book revolves on war. An angel emperor and his army called "Dominion" have entered the human world from Eretz. Because there are hundreds -- actually, thousands, even -- are part of the Dominion to take control, Karou and Akiva join forces. Chimaera and seraphim (or demons and angels, whichever you want), despite their hatred, unite as one to outnumber the Dominion.
Furthermore, let's not forget that there is a vicious queen hunting down Akiva; plus, the arrival of stormhunters, and the abnormal bruising of the sky, which frightens literally everyone.
Once upon a time,
an angel and a devil pressed their hands to their hearts,
and started the apocalypse.
If you assume so of what you think of it to be, then yes, friend, this is apocalyptic.

Personally, I love the concept. War? Yes. Apocalypse? Yes. Chimaera and seraphim? Interesting. Wouldn't it ever spark your interest if two opposing forces unite at once? And not only that, but two forces of which two lovers are contained in? It's like Romeo's and Juliet's families decided to come together. Interesting, right?

The first part of the novel was interesting, but it was hard catching up with. Why? Because I literally forgot what happened in Days of Blood and Starlight. It was difficult initially, but thankfully Laini Taylor recapped few previous events, which helped me remember.

This book is very intriguing, but it is not light. The story is huge and there is much to absorb.

Everything was new to me that it was literally overwhelming and difficult. Thankfully, there were bits of additional humor, so at least there's that.

In short: This book overwhelmed me so much, but I enjoyed quite some parts. Compared to Daughter of Smoke and Bone, I'd choose the first book because this was more complex. And also, more to absorb.