Jan 7, 2015

Second Chance Summer

second chance summer / morgan matson

"love isn't all we need -- love is all there is."

I'm an emotional mess.  I cried so hard reading this book because it touched me so much and I felt my heart breaking. Second Chance Summer is the kind of book that will dig deep into you and teach you very important things in life. It mostly focuses on love, friendship, forgiveness, and family. And I love that about this book. 

We journey with Taylor Edwards throughout the novel, as she visits the lake house one summer for her dad, after finding out he is critically ill, because she and her family wants to give him a great summer. Taylor hasn't been there for 5 years after she had left her ex-BFF Lucy and childhood crush Henry behind in that same place, but when she comes back she is given a second chance at summer to make things right. To rebuild the relationships she had broken.

"A thousand moments that I had just taken for granted - mostly because I had assumed that there would be a thousand more."

There's no doubt that Morgan Matson is my new favorite author! While this book had depressed me enough in the end, there were definitely some parts that had me fluttering with joy. The entirety of the novel doesn't focus on the sad things. Matson has done well with bringing about HUMOR to make things light. I liked it because it removed the tension I felt.

Another thing I liked about this was that it focused on rebuilding relationships. Because it was her only summer to right her wrongs, she was determined to fix the things destroyed. Spend more time with people who didn't have all the time in the world.

And my heart broke as I watched Taylor struggle, seeing now that she had done so many mistakes by running in the first place. I felt the need to hug her! But at the same time, I was frustrated by her. She was too naive to run away, and if she hadn't, life would've been okay! I hated her decisions sometimes, but Taylor was tolerable anyway.

I highly recommend this book  because it's an eye-opener. It helps you value love and friendship more, and to show love to people around you no matter what.