Jan 18, 2015

The Winner's Curse


the winner's curse / marie rutkoski

"happiness depends on being free, and
freedom depends on being courageous."

Thank you so much to Kelly from Diva Booknerd for allowing me to read your copy.

There's no doubt that I enjoyed this book, but there's no doubt either that I came across with some issues. I'm in love with the story, the ideas, and most especially the beautiful writing! It kept me going through the pages quickly, and I was very interested. The Winner's Curse is such a gripping book to read!

Jan 7, 2015

Second Chance Summer


second chance summer / morgan matson

"love isn't all we need -- love is all there is."

I'm an emotional mess.  I cried so hard reading this book because it touched me so much and I felt my heart breaking. Second Chance Summer is the kind of book that will dig deep into you and teach you very important things in life. It mostly focuses on love, friendship, forgiveness, and family. And I love that about this book.