Jul 29, 2014

Eleanor & Park


eleanor & park / rainbow rowell

"he made her feel like more than the sum
of her parts."

The story starts on August 1986. Eleanor moves to a new school and starts riding the school bus where everyone loves picking at her. It's because Eleanor wore clothes like a boy, had really curly red hair, and was just simply strange. Everyday she sits beside Park Sheridan in the bus, and at first they barely talk until Eleanor starts reading the comics Park has on his laps. He sees that she reads it and would turn the page for her to continue. It's not long until Park lends her his comics and records of The Smiths' songs. Then that's when they slowly start talking. 

Jul 23, 2014



cinder / marissa meyer

"she was a cyborg. she would never go to a ball."

When I first read the synopsis of Cinder, I thought, No. This is lame. I haven't always been a fan of science-fiction, since I find it hard to keep up with particular terminologies that show up in such books. 

But then I decided to give this a shot. I couldn't stop.